Colour of candles matter!

Below you will find a list of individual candle colors and the meanings and uses associated with that color.

Red candle

Root chakra (physical world, basic primal instincts, material goods, sex, lust, survival)

In candle magic, it means:

Love and sexual magic, fertility and potency.

The ritual of success, good luck and victory.

Physical and mental healing, adding energy to fight the disease.

Stimulating the energy of actions and events.

Adding courage, strength and energy to fight complexes and addictions, strengthening willpower.

Revenge, anger, fight, attack (battle magic).

Orange candle

Sacral chakra (feelings, creativity, fertility)

In candle magic, we can use this candle to:

Health problems, convalescence, in the fight against depression (a disease of the soul) or mental fatigue.

Rituals to support success, prosperity, success, luck, fortune, abundance.

Rituals of renewal, fertility, vitality, stimulation.

Preparation for travel, change of place of residence, moving.

Professional career, creativity, interpersonal contacts, supports job search, good investments, achieving professional goals, as assistance in legal matters.

Speeds up the effectiveness of other rituals.

Yellow candle

Solar plexus chakra (professional and emotional stabilisation, social identity, interpersonal relationships on an emotional level)

In Candle Magic, she supports:

Intellect, memory, wisdom, knowledge, learning, exams, tests, creativity and self-confidence.

Investments and money placement, trade negotiations, banking transactions (loans).

Prosperity, joy, happiness.

Physical attractiveness, grace.

Travel, change, progress, success, success, communication.

Green candle

The heart chakra (unconditional love, connecting the physical world with the spiritual world). Colour of balance and renewal of life.

In the magic of candles:

A ritual of fertility, success, good harvest and harvest.

A ritual aimed at attracting money, achieving prosperity, wealth, financial success, good luck at work, promotion.

Healing (of the body, soul, situation), harmonisation, rejuvenating rituals.

Health, family and workplace protection.

Blue candle

Throat chakra (verbal communication, expression of emotions and feelings, centre of human expression).

In the magic of candles, he will help us in:

Learning and examinations, acquiring and assimilating knowledge and information.

Professional success, before the interview.

Spiritual development and meditation, vision rituals.

Mitigating conflicts, regaining peace and harmony.

Overcoming addictions, removing blockages.

Protective rituals.

Indigo candle

Third eye chakra (higher mind powers, intellectual abilities, intuition and extrasensory perception, awareness. Realising your thoughts, ideas, desires).

The magic of candles will help us:

Improve and heal family relationships caused by hard times.

Establish consent between parents, children, and spouses.

Strengthen friendship ties.

In protective rituals (especially at home).

In healing and spiritual development.

In accelerating the achievement of goals, power and success.

Violet candle

Crown Chakra (spirituality, transcendence, divinity)

In the magic of candles, helpful for:

Resolving matters of a personal nature, disputes, disputes, regaining emotional balance, making difficult decisions.

Depression, confusion, mental breakdown.

Protective rituals.

Spiritual development, meditation, mysticism, prayer.

Bronze candle

Helpful in:

Improving the material and financial situation and working conditions.

Supporting our physical strength and health.

Earth magic rituals.

Rituals for the protection, stabilisation, safety and recovery of us, our animals and plants.

Court cases.

Improving concentration and learning.

Black candle

Helpful in:

Protection from evil, revenge, negative forces, energy vampires, toxic people.

Healing rituals, removing evil, curses, negative energy, cutting off.

Free yourself from addictions.

Gray candle

It relieves anxiety, confusion and also neutralises negative hostile forces.

It is used to protect acquired social position, influence and power.

In protective magic.

It cleanses.

Neutralises the negative effects of bad energy (similar to black but more subtle).

Stops actions and intentions.

Freezes negative for us matters in time (postponing negative court decisions for us).

Helpful in meditation and relaxation, regaining balance and harmony with the world.

Organising emotions, as well as travelling to your dream place.

Lilac candle

Helper against betrayal, supports their prevention. We burn this candle if we want our partner to avoid betrayal.

Dark green candle

Attracting success and abundance. Protection of property.

In the magic of starting and cleansing. It destroys negative energies, drives out evil forces

It attracts money.

It inverts spells and directs them to the people who cast them.

Illumination and learning the truth.

Helpful in forgiving.

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