Vitamins, hormones & other short health facts

You probably didn't know that ...

That the level of VITAMIN D3, which guarantees the smooth functioning of the immune system, is 50-70ng / ml and that in our latitude with a standard lifestyle, it is simply impossible to achieve without supplementation.

That ZINC is not anything abusive and should be replenished if our diet does not contain seeds, whole grains and nuts on a daily basis.

That SELENE is one of the stronger detoxifiers of the body and an immune modulator, and the famous for its high content Brazil nuts come from Bolivia and do not contain it at all.

That exposure to blue light (from TV, smartphones and tablets) in front of which the average person spends 5 hours a day! (shock!) blocks the secretion of melatonin, which is the strongest internal antioxidant, and its deficiency is also one of the main factors in the development of cancer.

That MAGNESIUM has an anxiolytic effect and regulates hypertension causally, not symptomatically like drugs.

That OMEGA 3 fatty acids, especially DHA, reduce inflammation, and these automatically affect the body's immunity.

By frying in oil or other crap, you effectively block even the minimal amounts of OMEGA 3 delivered in fashionable and toxic salmon.

That cottage cheese and muffin is the worst (pro-inflammatory) meal you can treat your intestines.

That immunity comes from the gut and that this is the only true news you can hear on TV.

That obesity is a disease that carries a lot of burdens not only in the worse functioning of organs and hormones, but is also often associated with many chronic infections.

That every kilogram of extra fat is CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, not seen in the baseline CRP and ESR. In the UK, we have 60% of people with excess body weight, and English children are the fastest weight gainers in Europe (in recent years).

We have extreme deficiencies of VITAMIN B12 in studs, because one of the English favorite drugs are PPIs (proton pump inhibitors), the famous "protective" drugs that block gastric acid secretion, automatically blocking the absorption of this vitamin. Its deficiency leads to anemia, which in turn lowers immunity.

They don't know that every unnecessary gram of SUGAR lowers the amount of leukocytes (immune cells) after a meal by 70%. They also don't know that bread, juice or beloved noodles are sugar.

Negative emotions: ANGER, regret, jealousy effectively destroy even a well-nourished organism.

That ALCOHOL is such a strong toxin that the body must run special processes to remove it, i.e. it is unnecessarily exploited again.

That grounding and CONTACT WITH NATURE reduce inflammation and glucose levels, again directly related to immunity.

And that's why they are scared, because they don't know that FEAR also reduces immunity.

What did you not know?

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