Chakras - The seven energy points in your body

Chakras: What is a chakra? How to unblock chakras?

It is very likely that you are familiar with the concept of chakras.

They are often associated with our mental health and meditation practice. In practice, these are 7 powerful energy centres in our body, understanding of which can improve our lives in surprising ways. In this article, we will discuss the importance of each chakra and how to unlock and balance them.

What are chakras?

Chakras are formed at the intersection of hormonal glands and nerve plexuses. At their intersections, disturbances in the energy field arise. The energy starts spinning, creating energy fields called chakras. All chakras spin clockwise. Except for about 20 minutes at night when the movement reverses and the chakras clear. All chakras in the human body are related to various physical functions (like reproduction, digestion,…) and psychological functions.

Blocked or unsynchronized chakras negatively affect our mental and physical health, so we use appropriate meditation techniques to open the chakras and synchronize the chakras.

It is important to treat chakras as one system responsible for our health. A disruption of one of them causes problems with other energy centres. For this reason, it is important to know the location of each chakra and be able to unlock it. Simply put, knowing your chakras will improve your health.

Chakras in history and traditions

The concept of chakras comes from the beginnings of Hinduism and Buddhism. Their interpretation in the two religions is slightly different. Hinduism speaks of 7 chakras in our body, and in Buddhism, we only find 5 chakras. The word itself comes from ancient Hindu texts, where it was used as the term "wheel". The Shamans (Native American) speaks of 9 chakras: 7 chakra in the physical body, 8 chakra is outside our body, but within its energy circle. It's right above your head. It is the chakra of the soul. 9 chakra, which we call spirit (this chakra is shared by all living entities)

You may think that the chakras are just a made-up myth, but the references in history should keep you thinking. Longevity and numerous opinions confirming their action are the best confirmation that they actually exist. In addition, many meditation techniques and mantras use chakras to detect and then solve problems with the body and psyche.

7 chakras - Description and Symptoms of Blockage

The chakras are marked by a sign, a colour, and they symbolize some element or feeling. Each of them relates to specific elements of our body and the functioning of the psyche.

The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Colour: Red

Symbol: Earth

Location: Lower spine

The Root chakra is the foundation. When it works well, we will keep our feet firmly on the ground and feel safe and at ease. It adds self-confidence and makes us willingly undertake new activities. A properly balanced Root chakra will make it easier for us to pursue the chosen life goal and will allow us to fulfill ourselves on many levels.

Root chakra problems can be caused by not being able to meet basic life needs such as food, shelter, or survival money. Even the fear that something is threatening this need can cause problems and deviation from the line of the other chakras.

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra: With a blocked Root Chakra, we feel constant threat and insecurity. We find it difficult to trust people and we have problems concentrating due to constant anxiety. If your chakra is blocked, you may feel threatened, panicked, or restless. A blocked root chakra on the physical plane is manifested by lower back pain, lack of energy and cold limbs.

Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana)

Colour: Orange

Symbol: Water

Location: At the level of the navel

The Sacral chakra is the key to our creativity. Its operation is strongly related to artistic creativity and imagination. If it works properly, it is easier for us to understand complicated things by putting together solutions in our head. It also has a great influence on human sexuality and the desire for intercourse.

Problems with the sacral chakra usually cause anxiety in the sexual sphere. If we don't get along with our partner and we are dissatisfied in the relationship, it may have an impact on the operation of this chakra. Chakra blocking can also cause negative opinions of people towards the work we have done.

Symptoms of blocking the Sacral chakra: In the emotional sphere it is manifested by quick boredom with the activities performed and lack of inspiration. Often there is a noticeable decrease in libido and a greater tendency to succumb to addictions.

Physical symptoms that may occur include discomfort when urinating and allergies.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Colour: Yellow

Symbol: Fire

Location: Upper abdomen

The Solar Plexus chakra has a great influence on our self-esteem and perseverance in achieving our goals. If you are confident in your choices and you usually follow the path that leads to success, then your Solar Plexus chakra is fine. Additionally, it is responsible for a strong mentality.

This chakra is negatively affected by failures and unpleasantness in dealing with other people. If we are placed low in the social hierarchy or have been underrated in childhood, we may also have problems with the plexus chakra.

Symptoms of Solar Plexus chakra blockage: We are unsure of our decisions and have difficulty making them. There are also problems with self-esteem, we feel inferior to others. We may physically have problems with digestion and memory.

Heart chakra (Anahata)

Colour: Green

Symbol: Air

Location: around the heart

The Heart chakra refers to love and the ability to show affection. When it is well-balanced, we have no problem telling others about our feelings and showing them. We also feel and understand our emotions better, which facilitates close contacts. People who function properly are more willing to sacrifice their own interests at the expense of others.

It can become blocked as a result of traumatic love experiences, e.g. painful rejection. The separation or death of a person we have had love or a close friendship with can also block the Heart chakra.

Symptoms of a blocked Heart chakra: We may have difficulty socializing and be more indifferent to other people. There is also general dissatisfaction. Physically, we can have immune problems and high blood pressure.

Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

Colour: Blue

Symbol: Ether

Location: at the level of the oesophagus

The Throat chakra influences the expression of our feelings and thoughts. This means that if it is properly located and unlocked, we will easily express our thoughts and the conversation will come to us with ease. As you can guess, this brings a number of benefits, for example on a professional path.

Chakra blockage can cause unpleasant communication experiences, e.g. difficult conversations with the employer during which we feel overwhelmed. People who have difficulty speaking (e.g. bad diction) are particularly vulnerable, which makes the conversation always stressful for them.

Symptoms of Throat chakra blockage: This manifests itself in that we do not say what we really mean, but what our interlocutor wants to hear. We often feel fear of saying something, even if it is just a chat. And if we speak, we have the impression that our words were stupid and unnecessary.

The third eye chakra (Ajna)

Colour: Indigo

Symbol: Extrasensory Perception

Location: in the middle of the eyebrow

The Third Eye chakra is a powerful energy centre and, when done well, it allows us to define our place in the universe and perceive life in a larger dimension. If it is fully unlocked, we can see the signs that life puts in front of us and interpret them correctly. In other words, it allows us to make full use of life and be a fulfilled human being.

Most often we block our Third Eye chakra by not trusting our intuition - we prefer to be guided by reason. It is this behaviour that causes its gradual closure and even greater doubts as to which way to go.

Symptoms of Third Eye Chakra Blockage: We have doubts as to whether what we are doing and what we are striving for has a purpose. In the case of spiritual life, we feel doubts about the meaning of existence. In everyday life, this means quick giving up and constant doubts as to whether our work will bring the planned effect.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Colour: Violet

Symbol: Thoughts

Location: Top of head

The Crown chakra is the culmination of the chakra line and constitutes our spirituality. It allows us to enjoy the life we ​​love even when we don't have much. Apart from the joy of life, we will also experience peace and certainty that our life is wholesome. It is at the very top and if all our chakras are fully unlocked and coherent, it allows us to reach a new level of spirituality and faith. It can be blocked by all sorts of traumatic situations that occur in our lives.

Symptoms of Crown Chakra Blockage: Symptoms can be similar to the initial stages of depression - we do not perceive the beauty of the world around us and find it difficult to find joy or excitement in everyday life. From the physical side, we can experience difficulties with coordination and migraines.

How to unblock chakras?

Cleansing the chakras with meditation

Meditation is a very easy and quick way to unlock your chakras. Ideally, we should meditate in the context of all 7 of them, allocating at least a minute to each. To prepare for the meditation, sit comfortably and remain silent for a few minutes until you feel as quiet as possible. Continue to meditate to unlock the next chakras.

Root chakra - Focus on the lower spine, and visualize red swirling lights. Try to harmonize the rotation of light with your breathing.

Sacral chakra - Now focus on the area around the navel and imagine an orange light.

Solar Plexus chakra - We slide up the belly and try to think of the yellow light. Remember that it must constantly be pulsating or moving to the rhythm of its breaths.

Heart chakra - We focus on the centre of the chest. You can also put your hand on the body, near the heart. In this case, the colour green must accompany us.

Throat chakra - Now the light should be blue and our thoughts are around the throat.

Third Eye chakra - Try to visualize the third eye between your eyebrows. Visualize indigo light rotating.

Crown chakra - As you finish your meditation, focus on the top of your head and the purple colour.

Adequate diet

If you are wondering how to open the chakras, it may also be a good idea to change your diet. Eating the right products has a positive effect on our chakras and enables them to be unblocked. Food that is right for you:

Root chakra - tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, garlic, potatoes

Sacral chakra - oranges, coconuts, any seeds

Solar Plexus chakra - chamomile tea, corn, yellow pepper, whole grains

Heart chakra - spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and all soups

Throat chakra - blueberries, black currants, apples

Third eye chakra - dark chocolate and fish

Crown chakra - ginger, red grapes. eggplant


For balanced and unblocked chakras, it is also worth practicing yoga. It serves a better flow of energy through the body thanks to the right positions, so it fits perfectly into the concept of chakras, which are our energy centres. All yoga poses will be appropriate, it's important to perform them systematically and develop in this area.


Mantras are sounds that we say repeatedly to improve the flow of energy and unblock the chakras. Below are the mantras for each chakra. When repeating these syllables, all vowels must be lengthened.

Root- "lam"

Sacral - "you"

Solar Plexus - "ram"

Hearts - "I am"

Throat - "ham"

Third eye - "aum"

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