Hematite: a stone for female warriors. Properties and signs of the zodiac it favours.

Hematite is a natural stone whose symbolism, effect on health and use in medicine have been associated with blood since ancient times. Its magical and protective properties have earned the name of the "stone of the warriors". The zodiac signs she favours most are Aries and Scorpio. Check how modern female warriors use its power.

Hematite - Properties and Origin

Hematite is a semi-precious stone, 70% of which consists of iron. It can take many shapes in nature. Occurs in the form of crystals, spherical or infiltrative clusters. It is a popular mineral whose deposits can be found all over the world. The largest of them are found in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA, and in Europe in Great Britain and Austria, or even in France. Excavations in Poland, located in the area of ​​today's Rydno archaeological reserve, confirmed that hematite had been mined since the Palaeolithic times. Interestingly, its presence was also recorded on Mars.

Hematite takes its name from the Greek words haema, meaning "blood" and haematites, meaning blood. This type of connotation is related to the fact that since the Middle Ages hematite was considered the best remedy for cardiovascular ailments or was used to stop bleeding. To this day, it is used for the production of jewellery, ornaments, amulets and even tombstones.

Hematite - Color and Appearance

The hematite stone is most often black, although it can also occur in a dark brown variety. Polished, it begins to sparkle with rainbow reflections. When powdered, it becomes blood-red - hence its name and the properties attributed to it. It is also sometimes used as a pigment, called ochre, which is used to make red paint.

Hematite is a naturally black stone with a silver sheen.

Hematite, when untreated, may look like coal at first glance. Some of the stones reflect light more strongly, others may also be completely dull.

Hematite - Meaning and Magic

The magical properties of hematite since antiquity were especially appreciated by warriors, this amulet was supposed to give strength and courage in combat. Using his powers, a warrior was to demonstrate tenacity and physical strength. Made of powdered hematite with ochre, the body was painted before the fight.

Hematite balances the energy level in the body. It will help those who are chronically tired.

Hematite will also help modern warriors. It adds vitality and strength, so it should be reached by people who are weakened or work on strengthening their condition. It also balances the energy level - it will stimulate lethargic people or calm the nervous ones. Thanks to this, it will not only help us achieve our goals more efficiently, but also bring relief in the performance of daily duties that may have been too burdensome. Hematite is used to neutralize the negative effects of an electromagnetic field ray. In addition, it helps in the fight against addictions, because it allows you to overcome the feeling of danger and come to terms with the mistakes made. By harmonizing spirit, body and mind, it will allow us to move forward while learning lessons from the past to avoid similar situations. It will draw our attention to things or activities that gave us joy and the will to live before the disease.


Hematite is slightly different from cleansing most stones and minerals. We should avoid contact with water, as it can negatively affect the energy of our amulet. To refill the hematite with energy, place it in the ground or put it in contact with a rock crystal and leave it for a few hours.

The blood-related symbolism of hematite is also related to its effect on our physical sphere. In the old days it was used to treat anemia - it was supposed to increase iron absorption. It was also believed that it could stop a hemorrhage. For this reason, it was so popular with people going out into battle. Its properties can also be used by women who struggle with too much bleeding during menstruation.

Hematite - the zodiac signs it supports

The signs of the zodiac have stones assigned to them that correspond to their energies. It is no different in this case. Hematite is astrologically aligned with Aries and Scorpio.

Aries is a sign that Mars watches over, and its element is fire. Hematite harmonizes perfectly with his energy. People born under this sign tend to start many initiatives at once and not complete any - with the help of this mineral they will gain grounding and the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Scorpio, also under the rule of Mars, is associated with blood red stones. He has a strong intuition and is usually bursting with energy. Hematite will help him manage it in the way that will benefit Scorpio the most.

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