Rituals for the New Moon

How to use the energy of this phenomenon?

Already in antiquity, the new moon was a symbol of the beginning and rebirth. During his reign, rituals were performed because it was believed that this was when magic had increased power. The new moon phase is spent on clearing the space, cleaning up emotions or starting new projects. This time is also conducive to self-healing and affirming your dreams. The vision of the future you create now has a chance to turn into reality. Learn how to strengthen your intentions with lunar rituals.

New Moon and Magic.

Our Slavic ancestors believed that the energy of the moon had a great influence on earthly organisms. They measured the elapsed time with the help of a lunar calendar. Each phase had a different meaning for them. For example, they thought that the seeds planted during the new moon produced the best harvest. In turn, herbs and flowers harvested on a full night were to have magical properties. Today, in astrology, the New Moon is a symbol of beginnings and rebirth. During it, it is worth implementing new ideas, taking care of your health or trying to get rid of your blockages. This moment favors the end of a toxic relationship with another person or a debilitating addiction. The intention that you make for the next new moon depends only on you.

When the Moon disappears from the sky to be reborn, it's time to reflect, rest, new plans and listen to the voice of your intuition.

Rituals for the New Moon - a bath with elements of nature

Water is the element most suited to the Moon due to its purifying properties. During the new moon, it is worth taking a unique bath that will wash away old energy or fatigue from us. This water ritual should be performed with fresh flowers and herbs, regenerating salt (Himalayan or Epsom) and a few drops of essential oils. You can also surround yourself with candles or the scent of your favorite incense. Let this relaxing moment work on your subconscious. While lying in the bathtub, imagine that your body is rejuvenating and that a blank page appears in your mind instead of being flooded with bad memories. Calm down and think about your desires. What does your soul want? What makes you feel happy? Treat your bath in the first phase of the moon as the beginning of a new chapter.

Rituals for the New Moon - moonboard, i.e. the projection of dreams

Thinking about the future during the new moon is not enough. Our intentions gain strength only when they are visualized or written on a piece of paper. For this occasion, it is worth creating a moonboard, a lunar moodboard with photos and wishes for what we would like to receive from the universe. Strong faith in our dreams and everyday manifestation of desires, contrary to appearances, brings us closer to their implementation. The universe works with the subconscious if all our intentions are sincere. There can be no doubt about them. To take advantage of the favorable energy of the new moon, write down your desires on a piece of paper or on the phone. Manifest them in writing or orally so that they don't just swirl inside you. Also look at inspirational photos that help you envision your dream future. With the New Moon on, it's time to implement your plans and take the first steps to implement them.

Rituals for the New Moon - energy cleansing

New moon favors order. Use his favorable energy to make changes in your wardrobe, refresh the apartment and organize your personal matters. Let your home be clean and calm. Incense and essential oils will help you clear the space. Smoke your room with smoke from white sage, palo santo, patchouli or your own herbal bundle. The cleared space favors the affirmation of new desires. Finally, you will feel that there is room in your life for the new experiences you want to attract to yourself. Trust your intuition and the universe will start running. Suddenly, non-random people will appear in your life who will bring you closer to your goals. The unique opportunities and events will become so unbelievable that you will feel the magic happening on your own. In the next new moon, free yourself from fear - meditate, practice yoga, minimize stress. Believe in your inner abilities and take your fate. The universe is sensitive to your vibration. What you start to emit to it will soon come back to you with redoubled strength.

The nearest new moon 2021 takes place on March 13 in the zodiac Pisces,

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