Magic of the Sun

The Sun, one of the fire element symbols, is considered to be the purest fire symbol.

The sun is one of the stars and the main centre of our solar system, the only star that has a great influence on our lives. It is thanks to her that we live, eat, breathe. However, the sun is not just a star that sends its energy to our planet. It is also an amazing star that represents the incarnation of God - the spouse and lover of the Goddess. It is also a concentration of incredible power and energy, the recipients of which are all of us.

Regardless of where people have lived, the sun has always been worshiped by them. Our ancestors and other peoples were well aware of the power of the sun. They knew that only thanks to him they live and can live, so it was no wonder that the worship of the Sun God and other related deities was not surprising. The problem, however, is that despite the fact that there were followers of the solar deities, unfortunately many of the rituals have been lost in the depths of history in favor of the celebration of the full moon and the majesty of the Goddess.

The worship of the sun, God and the powers associated with it, however, has not been completely forgotten, so today we can know and enjoy this great magic and its aspects.

The magic of the sun in our everyday life.

The magic of the Sun cannot be hidden, it is crucial in our everyday life, not many people are aware of the fact that they use it.

Today, only peoples closely related to old beliefs, witches, magicians or other persons closely related to esotericism, worship the sun Deities, as they used to do in the past. However, that doesn't mean most of us don't. Not everyone realizes that even these small things like thanking you for a good and new day, going outside on a sunny day, or replanting plants in the sunshine, is worshiping him and drawing energy from him.

The sun affects both our lives and the lives of many other beings on our planet. It is this planet that influences the seasons and the possibility of harvesting, the energy of the sun permeates us and everything that surrounds us. It is this amazing energy that flows through us and gives each cell the strength to live.

The energy of the sun is pure and full of life, which makes it so active in our lives. After we don't often use it in the form of a ritual or spell, it is present in every aspect of our lives.

The energy of the sun can be used by us to:

Ask for a good day

Teach our culinary magic through the care of gardens

Charge yourself and magical or utility items with your magic

Spending free time in nature

Healing body and soul

These are, of course, just a few examples of how the magic of the sun, and more specifically solar energy, affects our lives.

As I have mentioned to you more than once, every magic has a special application in our lives. The magic of the sun is so interesting that it not only affects our lives, but also other magic. Its energy supports spiritual development and finding the right path, it also helps during meditation, having a beneficial effect on the areas that move during meditation. An important aspect when performing any ritual related to the magic of the sun is meditation and proper preparation. There is nothing worse than having problems during magic rituals.

You can prepare yourself by meditating daily and by calming your thoughts. The meditation should last a minimum of 6 days, starting from Monday, only on the 7th day you can start the magic rituals related to the sun.

This magic is great and full of energy, so we should remember and bear in mind that without it we could not exist. So let's try in our everyday life, at least once in a while, to stop and thank her for what she gives us.

This post was created on the basis of the book - "Magic of the Sun every day" by Dorothy Morrison. Thanks to her experience and years spent in the magical world, the author wrote a book in a very simple and accessible way, which in a way pays homage to the God of the sun. I really cordially invite those interested in this subject to read this book.

As always, feel free to share your views in the comments.

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