Element of Fire - Introduction

Fire signs, a.k.a. zodiac signs associated with the element of fire, are known for their passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and competitive spirit.

Fire has long been worshiped by our ancestors, and fire aroused both fear and admiration in them. This element is a symbol of love and passion, but it is also deadly. We must remember that this element can both help us and destroy us.

The element of fire carries many emotional charges, people who are closely related to it (such zodiac signs as: Aries (that's me!), Leo, Sagittarius) usually work through this element. These are people who know no boundaries, if they devote themselves to something, they do it entirely, they are also people with leadership abilities, they like to share their thoughts with people, but do not like criticism (but they can stand and think about change, if there is such a criticism), they love change and are in a broadly understood movement.

This element can be mastered and awakened, but it requires work and learning some leadership skills.

When researching the element of fire, however, it must be remembered that this element gives rise to something new. Therefore, it often destroys the old to make room for the new.

I mention it for a reason. People who want to develop it must be ready for changes in their lives. And as we well know, not everyone wants or likes changes.

The division of the element of fire.

Fire is quite a special element, therefore its properties vary depending on what we need at the moment. Developing it takes many forms and gives you many different new experiences.

As part of the magic of the fire element, we distinguish such magic as:

Magic of candles

Magic of the Campfires

Magic of the Sun

Sexual Magic

Destruction Magic

As is my custom, I will discuss each magic separately, as it is quite a broad topic. And it is worth taking the time to read it.

Fire rituals.

Since magic means more rituals. It is so simple and interesting with fire that each ritual has some of the magic of this element in it. However, if you want to work out the element of fire, then fire will be necessary for us here 😀

The basic fire rituals are:

Candle ritual.

The simplest ritual and the most frequently used one. This ritual is based on the assumption that candles are the carrier of fire and help to convey our intention to it.

When we want to start working on the fire element, it is best to calm down and light the candles. Along with its disappearance, let's look for the next features of this element and wake them up in ourselves.

During any ritual, the candle should always burn out until the very end.

The ritual of bonfires

The second of the simplest rituals, although when using this ritual you have to remember about health and safety rules 😁 After all, we do not want to see the power of destruction in all its glory 😄

The bonfire ritual can be understood in two ways:

As a strengthening ritual - when you start a fire with a request to strengthen a resolution or start new stages.

As a fortune-telling ritual - when you light a fire to learn about the future. You can read the future from the fire directly or put in a request to see the future on a piece of paper. Thanks to this, your request becomes a matter from which it is easier to predict the future.

These rituals should be performed always with prudence and responsibility. There is no joke with fire, so you always have to keep your brakes in mind.

Hope you like the post.

As always, feel free to share your views in the comments.

See you 😄

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