Candle Magic

Today we are starting to discuss another magic, namely the magic of candles.

Magic of candles.

This magic is inherent in all rituals that we can use. It is very simple, but at the same time strong and full of great power. As you know, it is part of the fire element, so it carries its great power.

When using magic rituals, it is worth remembering three rules that should be followed:

  • Concentration

  • Power of Will.

  • Imagination

These three principles are interconnected and very important. Concentration helps us make a decision about the type of ritual and helps to ensure that it is properly applied. The power of will helps us use the power of the candle and is responsible for making sure that other forces do not interrupt the ritual. Imagination is very important and crucial, thanks to it we can see a new and better version of ourselves and events.

Candles and rituals

Choosing the right candle for the ritual is crucial, candles have great strength depending on the color. Colors are responsible for enhancing various intentions. Preferably according to intention.

Since each candle is responsible for a different thing, their use also depends on us.

In my offer you can find special intention candles. I make them myself, on an individual order, using all my magical knowledge, herbs and essential oils. Feel free to contact:

The meaning of the individual candles:

Violet Candle - is responsible for spiritual development.

Gold Candle - is responsible for nature's agency and help, success,

Orange Candle - is responsible for supporting vitality.

Green Candle - is responsible for healing the body and soul as well as relationships and energy, and helps in material matters

Red Candle - is responsible for strengthening intentions, love, relationship

Pink Candle - is responsible for love, relationships between lovers, passions.

Blue Candle - is responsible for inspiration, protection, and help in acquiring knowledge.

Silver Candle - is responsible for femininity and a multitude of intentions. It is often used in lunar rituals.

Black Candle - is responsible for ending something, helps catching bad entities and energy, cutting off bad energies.

White Candle - is the most universal and can be replaced with any candle.

When you know the properties of candles, it is easier to choose them for a specific ritual. It is also worth mentioning here that the white candle, naturally not usually present, has a slight shade of wax from which it was made.

Matching candles

The candle should be selected according to intuition and specific intention. Each candle should burn out to the very end, if you do not want to burn the candle to the end, mark the line on it by which the candle should burn out. Such a line will allow us to cut off the top part of the candle after the candle has burned out, so that it looks new. Thanks to this, we will not waste the candle, which we know will not burn out during this ritual. It is better to choose smaller candles for rituals. We don't use tea lights!

A very important aspect when choosing candles is what they are made of. Paraffin candles and those made of other types of oil are not suitable for divination and magical practice in general. Candles made of beeswax, ecological soy wax, will work best here. Their vibrations naturally affect us and our energy, which is not the case with mass candles.

I realize that natural candles are much more expensive, but you have to remember that they are used for rituals and are also reflected in magic. However, by purchasing natural candles, we not only support the environment, but also our intentions.

Candles are an important element of rituals and each of them has a specific task, but each of them should be cleaned of dust and bad energies before the first use. - My candles are already cleared of bad energies, ready for the ritual. -

You can do this with the help of white sage smoke, appropriate crystals or oils, and then recharge it with energy.

Today's post is based on books such as:

Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

If you want to learn more about this topic, I encourage you to take a look at these items.

As always, feel free to share your views in the comments.

See you 😄

*** In my offer you can find special intention candles. I make them myself, on an individual order, using all my magical knowledge, herbs and essential oils. Candles are cleared of negative energy and ready for the ritual.

Feel free to contact: ***

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