Black Tourmaline - stone of energy conservation

Black Tourmaline - Energy protection

Black tourmaline is a stone of protection. It is a stone that helps us remove, purify and process negative energies that are in us and around us. We can use it as a stabilizer of our energies (it balances the chakras, or our energy centers) and as an energy protective shield around us.

Traditionally, its protective properties against the so-called "Evil eye", against jealousy, harmful thoughts and intentions of others, and other types of negative influences and energy.

Black tourmaline - external and internal protection

Black tourmaline is therefore both external and internal protection for us. It soothes the influence of external circumstances, other people and their thoughts, but also cleanses our own thoughts and our own "negative" tendencies.

For example, tourmaline helps to neutralize and overcome our inner blocks and obstacles such as fears and fear, anger, envy, inferiority, resentment and regret.

Black tourmaline - protective action at the energy level

On an energetic level, black tourmaline protects against the negative effects of other people's energies. It protects against "energy vampires", against people who think badly about us or want to use us in some way. It creates a protective shield around us, thanks to which we are resistant to these negative external influences.

Black tourmaline can serve well for healers and those who work in conditions and places where low or limiting energies are particularly common.

During meditation, black tourmaline will help protect your energy field and reduce any imbalances.

When we carry it in our pocket or purse or spend a lot of time in its vicinity, this stone cleans us energetically and balances and harmonizes our energy.

Black tourmaline is said to protect against the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones, computers and other electronic equipment. So it is a very useful stone in times when we are surrounded by various types of equipment and radiation that are not known and studied, and which may have a negative impact on our health and functioning.

Tourmaline helps in establishing and organizing thoughts - affecting the emotional and mental level

But black tourmaline is not only a protective stone. Its black color makes it an excellent grounding stone. Thanks to this, it allows us to achieve clarity and clarity of thought, ground and equalize our energy, control its flow and focus on ourselves in general. If our attention and our thoughts are distracted, black tourmaline will put them in order.

So, black tourmaline helps to organize your thoughts, puts you in a more relaxed, balanced mood, transforms negative thoughts into lighter ones, with a higher vibration.

The greatest gift that black tourmaline has for us today: overcoming the limits and opening up to the world

In esoteric work, meditation and healing, this stone allows us to get out of difficult, painful or limiting situations and memories, and to focus our attention and awareness on our dreams and on supporting thoughts.

Black tourmaline allows us to overcome limitations, opens us to the world and allows us to consciously use the field of all possibilities. And this, in my opinion, is the greatest gift that this stone has for us today.

Thanks to its grounding properties (harmonization at the level of the first chakra) and the properties of harmonizing the left and right cerebral hemispheres, tourmaline helps us to crystallize our goals and then focus on them.

What to do with tourmaline? In what form can we meet it?

You can hold black tourmaline in your hand, you can have it in your pocket and touch it from time to time. It can also be worn around the neck as a pendant, but it is a hard stone to work with and a black tourmaline pendant is quite difficult to find. You can sleep with this stone under your pillow and you can meditate with it.

You can also buy black tourmaline as a natural specimen and keep it on a shelf or elsewhere at home or at work. Many years ago I personally bought a large specimen of several kilograms, which is located in a special place in the center of the showroom.

A fairly common name for black tourmaline is schorl. I am quoting it because some stores use the term without explaining that it is tourmaline

Black tourmaline, in virtually any form, is a bit rough and has gaps and cracks. Even well-polished specimens have such cracks. This is a natural feature of this stone and does not in any way affect its energy properties and uses.

Sometimes, very rarely, you can find black tourmaline wands or balls.

Tourmaline is quite often found in combination with quartz. Sometimes you can find white crystals on black tourmaline. You can also find tourmaline quartz, the action of which is a perfect combination of the properties of black tourmaline and rock crystal. It looks like a rock crystal with black "needles" and spots inside.

Black tourmaline connects tradition and the past with the new times, in which people regain their power and open up to new possibilities.

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