Aura - The incredible energy of our body !

Recently in the post I discussed chakras, today I would like to present to you a topic closely related to the previous post.


It is human energy, invisible to people with the naked eye, but influencing us and the environment. Each of us has an aura, even though we cannot see it. It is present in our lives and it is most often the first to inform about the disease, because the aura, depending on emotions, health and harmony with chakras, informs people who can see it about the health of a given person. The aura can also take on different colors depending on the people we spend time with. When they are positive the aura is usually bright and full of good energy, when they are negative the aura is dark and full of bad energy. The colors of the aura also change over the years, in newborns they are bright, in people of working age still bright, but not as bright as in newborns, old people or people who are about to die usually have a gray and barely visible aura.

The influence of the aura on life.

As you already know, the aura is invisible, but its influence on our lives is quite large. It is the aura that gives us the first signal that a given person is good or bad, it is thanks to the aura that we can learn about the diseases of the organism. People who can see auras usually try to guide people who cannot see auras on the right path. It may be interesting that not only children can see the aura (usually because no one interferes with their understanding of the world and does not try to make them think logically right away), also adults with a lot of sensitivity, people after accidents, with the gift of seeing auras and doctors can see aura. However, not always these people want or are able to cope with this gift. Understanding and willing to learn about auras is not easy at all, as auras, depending on their color and intensity, can be responsible for other characteristics.

Color and characteristics of auras:

Red: Energy, strength, anger, sexuality, passion.

Orange: Self-control, ambition, courage, prudence, apathy, ego.

Yellow: Lack of will, optimism, happiness, ease of manipulation, indecision.

Green: Peace, healing, compassion, deception, jealousy.

Blue: Loyalty, changing moods, creativity, sensitivity.

Purple: Spirituality, wisdom, intuition, searching.

Pink: Love, honesty, friendship, kindness.

Gray: Depression, sadness, exhaustion, low energy, skepticism.

Brown: Greed, selfishness, stubbornness, fatigue.

Black: Illness, imminent death, fear.

White: Perfect balance.

Proper recognition of the aura and its interpretation is the key to success. Often, however, a person can change the colors of the aura, depending on how he wants to adapt to the environment. It is very difficult to identify such persons, and it is even more difficult to tell whether this trait is good or bad.

Aura in medicine.

Since the aura informs about the health of a given individual, it would be good if medics had an aura vision system. Partly such a technology exists, this method is the registration of the aura in Kirlian photography, which consists in registering electrical discharges using photographic materials. Research on Aura was developed in the 1930s by the Kirlianov couple in the Rosia, perfecting the methods of recording this phenomenon using a high-voltage and high-frequency generator.

Unfortunately, this method is still not ideal and is often questioned by the scientific community, despite the fact that in recent years the awareness of scientists about aura has increased significantly and some of them support the claim that an aura exists.

In this case, all we have to do is wait until the doctors, based on the aura, will be able to determine our health.

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