About Me 

My name is…. What is the meaning of names, surnames? More important is who and what he feels like. I am one of those people who gave up everything (almost everything) and went to the countryside. In my case, the village is also a metaphor for the fact that I dared to reject my earlier, seemingly comfortable life in order to reach and understand the plan of my own Soul. 

They call me a folk healer (you can call me Whispers), and I emphasize that I am proud of this fact. Driven by my instinct and internal compass, I directed my steps towards nature. I just had to get to know this place because I travelled a lot at that time in my life. Today I know that I was looking for my place on earth yet, I don't know if I found it still, but it is always a step forward in my spiritual development. The conflict that I fought within myself - with my own soul and ego, found part of its solution here. It turned out that the feeling of inner fear (against possible ostracism due to my love and predisposition to work with broadly understood energy) limited me enough that I lived in a way inconsistent with my Soul's plan. I graduated from the University of Political Marketing and the Study of Architecture and Interior Design. But I never put my mind above my heart. 

Even then, although with less time commitment, I laid cards, cleansed the energy of people or places, and collected nature's gifts from fields and meadows. My beloved Grandma taught me all this. Although I didn't realize it for many years. At the same time, I rejected the fact that it is a form of calling and suppressed real feelings in favour of the apparent approval of the environment. It is not easy to talk about the beliefs of ancient native Americans or Slavs, about the desire to cultivate Shamanic traditions in your own family, when the world bombards you with information about the importance of innovation, logic, dry calculations and an attitude above being. In retrospect, I can see and know that each of us here on earth is in a constant process of reaching the truth about ourselves.

The only real path to ourselves is through love. I strongly believe that this is why we were called to function in the universe. Every day I see more and more the fact that all the experiences that I have gathered in my life so far served precisely the purpose of reaching myself and the place where I am today. I often tell people who come to me for help that I can only share what I already know and the energy I have. The fact that I can feel and see more is primarily the cellular memory that I inherited from women from the past generations of my family, who deal with what I do today. I don't want to be a teacher for you, or even an authority figure. I just want to give you an example and support you on the way to self-love and organize your life in the way you need. I've been in a more public world, where image was a priority and I respect that time, but I know that it was not consistent with my needs. I felt with my whole being that my simple life with the smell of dried nettle and beeswax candles was much more important to me than feeding my ego. At the same time, I know that every life experience is valuable learning for me, so I am grateful for it. My acquired knowledge and experience prompted me to create this blog and go out to even more people. 

Most people associate Whispers as older women (there are also men among us) in a sometimes marked shawl surrounded by candles and herbs in a wooden hut near the forest. Times change and although it is not easy, I combine the old tradition with the present, explaining that the mind must be free from all stereotypes. In the past, mainly older ladies dealt with this type of thing. Thanks to this, they had more time and, following the family tradition, they began to cultivate it. In the past, there were not so many medics, so almost every village had its own Whisper (folk healer) or Shaman. 

Times change and seeing that something is beyond my competence, I refer the person to a doctor. It's like with cards, hardly anyone admits it, and most people use this type of guidance. Until a few years ago, speaking directly about the awareness of having a soul and the willingness to understand its plan usually amounted to exposure to social rejection. We are afraid of the unknown, and at the same time when traditional methods fail, we start to resort to the world of energy. Whatever we do on a daily basis, it is important to do everything out of love and in harmony with our inner self, and it is this principle that I hold firmly to. I lead a simple life filled with conversations with people for whom I lay down cards, create numerology or, for example, purify chakras. I read a lot, gather herbs, create talismans and make my own intent candles from plants and beeswax. I really like getting to know people and their stories because I intuitively sense quickly which energy resonates with mine and which is not. I act as much as possible for those who were less fortunate in their lives, both people and animals.



I hope you will stay with me for longer and that you will love this subject as much as I do.