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Do you feel like you should get into spirituality? Are you looking for inspiration or motivation for life? Perhaps you just want information on how to be healthier or use organic products. Cards, signs, manifestation?

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Hi… call me Whispers – your spiritual guide. I’ve been going through my spiritual journey for a very long time. For past generations this topic and tradition has been passed on. I’ve learned a lot from my beloved grandma and other fellow folk healers and now it’s my chance to pass it on to you.

I created this blog to write about everything to do with the topic of spirituality, health, body and soul.

If you stay with me, you’ll learn a lot about health and wellness, herbs, its uses and ideas for homemade products, crystals and its powers, your body’s energetic points, the universe and many more…

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I love sharing them with you!

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 What you sow, you reap.  It is also called the law of cause and effect.  What we have thrown into the universe comes back to us.  If we want happiness and peace, friendship and love, then we must be happy, calm, friendly and loving.  Negative energy sent to others will come back to you, but 10 times stronger.




 Life does not just happen, it requires our participation.  We are one with the universe, inside and out.  What surrounds us gives us clues about our internal state.  Be and become what you want in your life.




 What you do not accept will still happen to you.  If what we are seeing is wrong, or is someone with a character trait we consider negative, then we ourselves are not on a higher level of existence.




 Wherever you go, you are there.  For us to grow in spirit, we must change, not the people, places or things that surround us.  The only problems we have in life are ourselves.  This is the only factor we have control over.  When we change who we are in our heart, our surroundings also change




 Every time something bad happens, there is something wrong with me.  We are a reflection of what surrounds us.  And what surrounds us reflects us.


 We must take responsibility for what is in our lives today.




 Even if what we are doing seems irrelevant to us, it is very important to know that it applies to the entire universe.  Each step leads to the next step….


 Someone has to do the preliminary work in order for someone to continue.  Neither the first nor the last step are of much or less importance, as both are necessary to complete the task.


 The past, present and future are connected together.




 You can't think of two things at the same time.  You must climb the ladder one step at a time.  If we lose focus, it causes uncertainty and anger




 If you believe something is true, then at some point in your life you are called upon to show that it is true.  We can put what we learned into practice




 Looking back keeps us from being completely here and now.  Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior prevent us from renewing.




 History repeats itself until we learn from what we need to change in our path.




 All rewards require an initial effort.  Long-term rewards require patience and persistent work.  True joy helps us keep doing what we need to do, and the reward we are waiting for will come in time.




 What you put on always comes back.  The value of something is a direct result of the energy and intention you put into it.  Each personal contribution is also a contribution to the whole.



Read about the 30+ uses of Lavender
for health and wellbeing


Read about the 30+ uses of lavender for health and beauty



 Linseed, also known as common flax, improves digestion and the appearance of the skin, helps to lower cholesterol, supports hormonal balance, fights cancer cells and helps to lose weight.  The list of health properties of linseed, like its history, is very long.



 Currently, thyme is most commonly used to relieve persistent cough, sore throat, acne and gastritis, but it has much wider uses...


 Read about Thyme's healing recipes and home remedies.



In the Spiritual world, Sage is mostly known for cleansing the energy of your house my forming an action called 'Smudging'. 

Apart from that and using it as a herb to spice your dinner,  sage not only heals the body and improves its appearance, but also has a good effect on well-being.



Cloves are irresistibly associated with the smell of Christmas pastries. 

The characteristic sharp, sweet and spicy aroma is indispensable for making gingerbread and mulled wine.  But cloves have many more uses and beneficial properties.

Read about cloves and their medicinal uses.



Hematite is a natural stone whose symbolism, effect on health and use in medicine have been associated with blood since ancient times.  Its magical and protective properties have earned the name of the "stone of the warriors".  The zodiac signs she favours most are Aries and Scorpio. 

Check how modern female warriors use its power.



 Malachite is a stone of transformation that will help you efficiently make changes in your life if you need such changes and if you have the courage to carry them out.  And if you do not have this courage, this stone will open up a point of view in which this courage is at hand.  You only need to have the intention to change.

Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is a stone of protection. It is a stone that helps us remove, purify and process negative energies that are in us and around us. We can use it as a stabilizer of our energies (it balances the chakras, or our energy centers) and as an energy protective shield around us.

Read about black tourmaline's external and internal protection.

Colour of candles & their meaning 


Wondering which candle you need for the kind of intention you want to burn it in? Read  about the meanings of each colour and which is best for you...


01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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Hormones, Vitamins & other short health facts


Exposure to blue light (from TV, smartphones and tablets) in front of which the average person spends 5 hours a day!  (shock!) blocks the secretion of melatonin, which is the strongest internal antioxidant, and its deficiency is also one of the main factors in the development of cancer.

Read more health facts..


01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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Ever wondered how to cleanse your crystals?

All crystals need to be cleansed and energized in their own way. Read how...


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